Meet The Team

John Raptis


Most know me as a Melbourne Rock N Roll photographer having photographed some of the biggest bands in the world over the last 11 years. Rue Morgue Records is a passion project that is starting off small with a vision to grow into something pretty damn special.

There’s a lot to come down the pipeline but that also equates to a lot of work and effort. I hope you enjoy the store and find something you truly love to add to your collection.

Kama Way

Kama Way

Administrative Assistant

As a kid I loved and later played many genres of music. Obsessively I listened to everything from Muddy Waters and Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Beethoven, The Angels, The Stones, Cat Stevens, Carole King, Johnny Cash. Maybe it was this broad listening early on that made it clear to me that music styles are tightly interwoven, and that as much as I now listen to mostly very heavy metal, folk and classical, most styles inform the others and the most engaging music emerges from this legacy.  Working with Rue Morgue Records allies my music industry skills with my irrepressible drive to play and support heavy music, and I’m honoured to be a part of the team.

Will Hollands

Lead Reviewer

A young music enthusiast; having experienced enough music mayhem in my short 22 years of existence that most could only dream of. You might have seen me on the road, touring Australia with many Rock N Roll legends and musical superstars as a touring co-ordinator.

Actively pursuing new and exciting projects to expand my horizons; I love the opportunity to continue contributing to the Australian Music landscape. I’m excited to be onboard as a contributor at Rue Morgue Records and hope you enjoy reading my reviews!

David Griffiths

Album Reviewer

Dave has worked as a music and film journalist for over 20 years now. During that time he has worked for magazines including Buzz Magazine and more recently HEAVY Mag.

Dave’s music journliasm career has also seen him work in radio and TV and his highlights have included being able to interview many of the musicians that he has admired since being a child.

Simon Lukic

Album Reviewer

After catching the Heavy Metal bug at the age of 13, my interest in the genre has only grown with time. This interest has lead me to write for numerous publications across Australia and abroad, as well as step into the world of radio, where I currently host Musically Incorrect on Triple R. I am a fan first and foremost, so I am always on the hunt for a new band with a bone crunching riff, soaring lead or roaring vocal line to add to my collection.

Call me Legion, for we are many!