Murders In The Rue Morgue Volume 1 (CD)


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CD version of the LP. 12 Tracks


Tracklisting (Not final or sequential) – (subject to change)

  1. Dan Brittain: Behind Bars (from his forthcoming album Heavy Metal Poisoning)
  2. Subtract-S: Love Replaced By Machines (previously unreleased)
  3. Grant Burns: New track exclusive for this album TBC
  4. Palace Of The King: Space Truckin’ (blistering version of the Deep Purple classic. Previously unreleased)
  5. Midnight Alibi: TBC
  6. Southbound Snake Charmers: TBC
  7. Death Of Art: TBC
  8. Atomic Riot: TBC
  9. Espionage: Lost In Space
  10. Killrazer: TBC
  11. The Vendettas: Face To Face
  12. Fierce Diety: The Path
  13. Dangerous Curves: TBC


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