Murders In The Rue Morgue Volume 1 (CD With Bonus Tracks)




CD version of the LP with an additional 4 BONUS tracks!

All of the tracks listed below plus 4 extra tracks.



    1. Fierce Diety: The Path
    2. White Devil Detroit: Guillotine
    3. The Vendettas: Face To Face
    4. Palace Of The King: Space Truckin’ (with guest vocals by Rusty Brown – Electric Mary)
    5. Dan Brittain: Behind Bars
    6. Espionage: Lost In Space
    7. Atomic Riot: Dance With The Devil
    8. Nothing Sacred: Final Crime
    9. Killrazer: The Burial Begins
    10. Grant Burns: Negative Infinity

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Midnight Alibi: Hard One (BONUS TRACK)
  2. Southbound Snake Charmers: Bad Ass Blues (BONUS TRACK)
  3. Subtract-S: One The Line (BONUS TRACK)
  4. Death Of Art: Suicidal Butterfly (BONUS TRACK)

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Dimensions 32 × 32 cm