Scorpions: Blackout


The Top Twenty Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time

Number 16

The NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) was in full force by the time the Scorpions released their breakthrough album Blackout. German lads Scorpions would jump onto that bandwagon even if they were from across the pond. Metal was generating interest once again, fuelled by the UK scene and what was about to happen in the USA.

It very much was an album that may have never seen the light of day as lead singer Klaus Meine had completely lost his voice requiring surgery to fix his damaged vocal cords. (Demos of the album feature Don Dokken on lead vocals!)

The Scorpions had great success with this album which launched them into the big time on a global scale.

By the time Blackout was released, the Scorpions had been on the scene for close to 17 years. The band had paid its dues and were ready to enjoy the platinum success that Blackout afforded them.

A sure sign of the album’s glory is that the band continued to play a majority of this album live for many, many years after its release.

Distinctive vocals, broken English aside, killer riffs, amazing lead breaks over some catchy-as-hell Metal and you’ve got yourself a classic on your hands.

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2LP 180g plus CD

Limited vinyl LP pressing including bonus CD. To celebrate their 50th band anniversary, the Scorpions are releasing the Deluxe Edition of this classic album. The vinyl LP comes in an original replica of the album sleeve with the CD in paper sleeve. The vinyl LP includes the original track list while the CD includes five exciting bonus tracks. The band carefully selected the five pieces which have never been released before. Among them is a rather intriguing demo version of “Blackout”. The other four are “Sugar Man”, “All My Love”, “Searching For The Rainbow” and “Running For The Plane”.


01. “Blackout”
02. “Can’t Live Without You”
03. “No One Like You”
04. “You Give Me All I Need”
05. “Now!”
06. “Dynamite”
07. “Arizona”
08. “China White”
09. “When the Smoke Is Going Down”

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