Deicide: Banished By Sin (Opaque Gold Vinyl)


Death metal legends Deicide mark their devilish return with their new album, Banished by Sin, through Reigning Phoenix Music. Provacateurs by trade and dominant by nature, the Floridians, featuring founders Glen Benton (bass/lead vocals) and Steve Asheim (drums), as well as notables Kevin Quirion (guitars) and Taylor Nordberg (guitars), have yet again uncompromisingly splayed and slayed the genre’s holy trinity of brutality, intensity, and aggression for the world to witness. Just as classic cuts like “Sacrificial Suicide” (Deicide), “Once Upon the Cross” (Once Upon the Cross), and “Homage for Satan” (The Stench of Redemption) elevated the firebrands to death’s metal’s apex, new songs “Bury The Cross…With Your Christ,”From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall,” and “Sever the Tongue” usher in a new chapter in Deicide’s storied, 35-year legacy.




  1. From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall
  2. Doomed To Die
  3. Sever The Tongue
  4. Faithless
  5. Bury The Cross.With Your Christ
  6. Woke From God
  7. Ritual Defied
  8. Failures Of Your Dying Lord
  9. Banished By Sin
  10. A Trinity Of None

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