Devil’s Witches: Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures


Limited 10 inch vinyl pressing.

This two track release is unique in many ways. First, Andy Shardlow from The King’s Pistol features as guest bassist on both tracks. Andy has guested on tracks for a split EP before with Saint Karloff and is a fan favorite bass player. Having him on this Devil’s Witches release is a great inclusion.

Also, the opening title track ‘Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures’ introduces another new guest in the form of lead guitar player Daniel Jones. Daniel is known online as East London Blues and famously did a much-loved cover version of the Devil’s Witches track ‘Motorpsycho’. Having Daniel appear on an official release will be a real treat for fans. His guitar work brings a fantastic new vibe to the band.

This being his debut release with Devil’s Witches, it is sure to become a collector’s item.

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Freedom means doing what you want and in the case of Devil’s Witches, it’s the freedom to own “Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures” that drives them. The amped-up psych/stoner rock collective—led by the appropriately-named Witchdoctor General—set their sights on Record Store Day 2020 for the release of a 10-inch record of the same name.

“Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures” is a groovy, fuzz-powered rocker with an accompanying video stitched together from various revenge films. The General doesn’t make his opinions hard to figure out: the man is all about guns, drugs, sex and obnoxious amounts of fuzz, all of which he makes crystal clear in the lyrics.

“The ‘Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures’ title track is a fuzzed-up rebellious anthem in the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll,” the Witchdoctor General tells Decibel. “It is a celebration of personal sovereignty, freedom of sexual expression, freedom of recreational and medicinal drug use, freedom to protect yourself and freedom to enjoy uncensored consensual adult entertainment. I want the listeners to bring their reality, their stories, to track and hopefully find a celebratory catharsis. On the other hand, not everyone will align with everything mentioned, they might even object to some others, and that also brings up an interesting internal conversation I want them to have. The video specifically deals with the narrative of the second track on the 10-inch RSD release, ‘Cross My Path, I’ll Cross Your Face.’ A fictional revenge tale based on a true story where my loved one was mugged and stabbed outside her house. Using three very controversial female-led revenge films I expand on the freedom of expression mentioned in the title track while complementing the second track’s narrative.”