Dive Into Ruin: Smithereens (10″ Coloured Vinyl)


Limited Edition 100 copies only!

Dive Into Ruin is a truly unique Aussie punk rock 4-piece that has been a regular player in the vibrant Melbourne music scene since 2005, featuring on numerous rock festivals, headlining top venues and touring Australia’s eastern coast.

Our style – although based on a punk rock format – often delves into influences from Surf rock, Latin grooves and Stoner riffs, and with this EP we have focused those experiences into what we believe is the quintessential DIR style.

The lyrical intent and vocal execution is bold, angsty and sharp, with all five songs expressing a slant/rant of contemporary life in big city environs.

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Limited Edition 100 copies only!


Side A

  1. Cage Raised
  2. Moronic Fatigue

Side B

  1. As If
  2. Firecracker
  3. Smithereens


The band’s influences are hugely varied, as of course it would be for a band that’s been around for as long as Dive Into Ruin. As the four of us got together we were sharing bands like Melvins, The Meanies, Trans Am, The Birthday Party, Midnight Oil, Helmet, Ween and Tomahawk, just to name a few.

Band Members

  • Lead Vocals & Moog – Matt McKay
  • Bass & Vocals – Craig Fryers
  • Guitar – Roger Shaw
  • Drums – Trent Horwood

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