Hard-Ons: Ripper ’23 (Coloured Vinyl)


With the release of their cheeky album ‘Ripper ’23’, Hard-Ons have consolidated gains made on their last album – #4 ARIA Album charting ‘I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken’ – and are making music with astounding vigour and purpose.

‘I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken’ was the first record made by the band’s current line-up. With new kid/old fan Tim Rogers now ingrained and making increased contributions – last time he came on board when the songs were mostly written and studio time already booked – Ripper 23 is a bit more layered, and main songwriter Blackie has written with Tim’s voice in mind.

It’s still 100% Hard-Ons though, and from the punky blast of first single “Apartment for Two” to the big balls riffing of “In Falls Everything”, the record is shot through with big hooks and an unstoppable surging sonic power along with some sweet production touches.

And like the nasty TV-advertised ’70s hits compilation the album takes its title and cover art inspiration from, Ripper 23 is all over the shop (in a good way), highlighting the group’s stylistic versatility.




  1. Apartment For Two
  2. Three Separate Lightbulb Moments
  3. Goin’ It Alone
  4. Sheets Are A Shroud
  5. Chopping Block
  6. Never Been Handsome
  7. Grandiose
  8. In Falls Everything
  9. Makes Me Sick
  10. Sling Shot
  11. Letterbox
  12. Ordinary Things

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Blue, Pink, Bronze