Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth (Soundtrack Blood Red & Black Smoke Vinyl)


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Hellraiser III Hell On Earth: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Blood Red & Black Smoke Coloured Vinyl) (2LP)


Hell On Earth: Hellraiser III completes Lakeshore Records vinyl releases of the franchises original trilogy.

Limited Edition Blood Red W/ Black Smoke Vinyl – Cut at 45rpm for optimal sound quality.

Vinyl package also includes notes from composer Randy Miller.


Side A
1. Hellraiser Iii – Hell On Earth
2. Back To Hell
3. Cenobites’ Death Danse

Side B
1. Pinhead’s Proteges / The Devil’s Mass

Side C
1. Come To Daddy
2. Gothic Rebirth
3. Emergency Room
4. Mind Invasion

Side D
1. The Pillar
2. Elliot’s Story
3. Shall We Begin?

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