Henry Rollins: A Rollins In The Wry


A Rollins in the Wry is the ninth spoken word album by Henry Rollins, released February 27, 2001 on Quarterstick Records. It was reissued with new artwork on 2.13.61 Records on September 11, 2007. It was recorded during a nine-week stint at the Luna Park club in Los Angeles.[1] Some recordings used in A Rollins In the Wry, along with others from his shows at Luna Park, were used for his DVD Live At Luna Park (2004).The last track, Encore, was recorded in London on May 18, 1999. That performance was used for a Comedy Central special called Live and Ripped In London, which first aired August 11, 2000. That special is included as a bonus DVD on Provoked (2008).

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“Intro” – 3:11
“Death To Poets” – 0:59
“Journal” – 4:17
“Clintonese” – 2:03
“Language” – 3:25
“Never Again” – 3:25
“The United Colors of West LA” – 9:20
“Rite Aid” – 4:58
“Israel” – 8:03
“Maturity” – 9:47
“Men In Make Up” – 6:06
“Future Parents” – 6:38
“Encore” – 2:20


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