Henry Rollins: Big Ugly Mouth/Short Walk On A Long Pier


Short Walk On A Long Pier is the first spoken word album released by Henry Rollins. The content is culled from spoken word performances in Los Angeles, San Diego, Baton Rouge, Denver, New York City and Amsterdam. The one piece of music, “Alienation”, is performed with Rowland S. Howard of The Birthday Party and Chris Haskett. Originally, the album was a limited cassette only release of 1000, but it was re-released at least twice. It was first re-released as a vinyl record in 1989 on Lone Wolf Records and again in 2006 on 2.13.61 as a double disc with Big Ugly Mouth. In Rollins’ own words, “It’s just awful.”

Big Ugly Mouth is the second live spoken word album by Henry Rollins, released in 1987 on Quarterstick Records. It was reissued with his first spoken word album, Short Walk On A Long Pier (1985) and new artwork on 2.13.61 Records in 2005. It was recorded at various tour dates in 1987 at Madison, WI, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA and New Brunswick, NJ.

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2CD Set Big Ugly Mouth and Short Walk On A Long Pier

Big Ugly Mouth
01. Peach
02. Boy On the Train
03. Dehumanized
04. Hiya Handsome
05. Short Story
06. Touch and Go
07. New Age Blues
08. First Class
09. Change
10. New York Story
11. Joe Cole Phone Sex God

Short Walk On A Long Pier

01. Pre-Show in Holland
02. Standing Still
03. Talking to Fool / Alienation
04. Do It Alone
05. Bus Driver
06. JCC
07. The Balls Are in Your Court
08. What a Gal
09. Be Very Quiet
10. Olivia
11. Madonna
12. Bullshitting with the Friendly Dutch
13. Football
14. Barefoot & Pregnant
15. A Friend to All Women
16. The Cliff
17. It’s All Rock and Roll
18. Live on Dutch Radio


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