Henry Rollins: Talk Is Cheap Vol 1


Talk Is Cheap: Volume 1 is the 11th live spoken word album from Henry Rollins, released January 23, 2003 on 2.13.61 Records. The following night, Talk Is Cheap: Volume 2 was recorded at the same theater. The four-volume Talk Is Cheap series of spoken word releases were a change in format from his previous efforts; they all span two discs, and are minimally edited, giving the full effect of his lengthy talking shows (which can run up to three hours). The artwork for the CDs consist of photographs of Henry as a young boy. The first two volumes were released on January 23, 2003, Volume 3 was released on January 13, 2004, and Volume 4 was released in December, later that year. One dollar from each purchase from the series goes directly to Hollygrove, a home for abused and neglected children in Los Angeles.

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2CD Set

Disc 1
“Hello, I Am Old” – 13:58
“Gyrlz2womyn” – 2:31
“Boyz In the Adulthood” – 18:13
“Getting It Together” – 2:48
“Drowning In the Swim of Things” – 13:39
“A River In Egypt” – 15:27
“What We Know About You” – 4:18
“Getting Snippy With It” – 6:48

Disc 2
“Your Very Own Tank” – 17:43
“I’d Be A Good Boss” – 21:01
“I’d Be A Dead Boss” – 1:57
“Classic Geographic” – 15:22


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