Judas Priest: Hero Hero (2LP Embossed Cover Red & Blue Vinyl)


LIMITED EDITION: 4,700 Copies Worldwide

Hero, Hero is a compilation album of early Judas Priest recordings, released in between British Steel (1980) and Point of Entry (1981) by Gull Records. It consists of all ten tracks from the Rocka Rolla album, six tracks from the Sad Wings of Destiny album, and an alternate version of “Diamonds And Rust”. The tracks from Rocka Rolla and “Diamonds And Rust” were remixed by Rodger Bain in 1981. The tracks from Sad Wings of Destiny were not remixed.

Hero, Hero was released under the Gull Records – the band’s former record label – in an effort to “capitalize on Judas Priest’s popularity.” Judas Priest’s management firmly states that people should not buy these compilations, because even though it would seem like a new album on the surface, it’s just a re-issue of material already recorded. Despite this, the remixed songs on the album appeal to collectors.

This Record Store Day release is the 16 track version of the album in embossed cover with two different coloured vinyl.

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LIMITED EDITION: 4,700 Copies Worldwide


  1. Prelude
  2. Tyrant
  3. Rocka Rolla
  4. One For The Road
  5. Victim of Changes
  6. Dying To Meet You
  7. Never Satisfied
  8. Dreamer Deceiver
  9. Deceiver
  10. Winter Retreat
  11. Deep Freeze
  12. Cheater
  13. Diamonds and Rust
  14. Run Of The Mill
  15. Genociide
  16. Cavier and Meths

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