KISS Psycho Circus Comic Issue 01



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Kiss Psycho Circus is a comic book series published by American companies Image Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions. It was written by Brian Holguin and illustrated by various artists, including pencillers Angel Medina and Clayton Crain with inker Kevin Conrad. It portrays the members of the rock band Kiss as supernatural beings known as the Four-Who-Are-One or The Elder: the Demon (Gene Simmons), the Starbearer (Paul Stanley), the King of Beasts or Beastking (Peter Criss) and the Celestial (Ace Frehley).

For over two decades, comics featuring Kiss were published exclusively by Marvel Comics. Kiss decided to switch to Todd McFarlane Productions out of admiration for their series Spawn. Gene Simmons said that “The concept came from us. ‘The Psycho Circus’ is a tour theme we’re working on, and we may even use the title for an album.”

Kiss were also involved in plotting the comic, according to Simmons: “I throw something to Todd, he throws it back. I’m always kept in the loop, but I leave Todd to his own devices when it comes to actual production and taking things the final step.”