Magic Dirt: Signs Of Satanic Youth


2018 Repress – features all tracks from the original CD format with an edited version of the 37 minute drone piece “untitled”. All songs have been remastered and the LP comes with access digitally to both remastered and original tracks with the full ‘untitled’ song.

Magic Dirt explain – “The reissue of Signs Of Satanic Youth is particularly significant as it was a project spearheaded by Dean (Turner) and was a long held dream of his that we are now so proud to be able to realise. To have it available to the public after almost 25 years and for the first time on 12” vinyl is a momentous occasion for the band and we are so happy to be able to share this part of our legacy.”

Adalita recalls – “…Being our first EP we were pretty damn excited as you can imagine. Dave Thomas, was mentoring us at the time and he came into the studio to help out with the production. It was at this time we also struck up the dream alliance with Lindsay Gravina at Birdland Studios who engineered the whole thing. Lindsay just got us from the get go and we ended up finishing everything in about 5 days, we worked really well together and had a lot of fun too.”


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01: Eat Your Blud
02: Supertear
03: Touch That Space
04: Choker
05: Redhead
06: Untitled

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