Metallica: Kill ‘Em All (Remastered Super Deluxe Box Set)



Metallica will reissue their first two studio albums, 1983’s Kill ‘Em All and 1984’s Ride the Lightning, on April 15th.
Both reissues come in the form of deluxe box sets, which include original source materials from the band’s personal collection and rare or previously unheard music, along with a book of essays and rare photos of the seminal thrash outfit from their early San Francisco days.

Both reissues appear to have been in the works since at least 2014, when Metallica publicly asked fans for help in assembling content from their early years. Enough fans responded to their call to warrant some seriously beefy box sets.

The box set of Kill ‘Em All includes four vinyl records, five CDs, one DVD, a photo book, and a patch.
Not to be outdone, the Ride the Lightning reissue includes four vinyl records, six CDs, one DVD, a photo book, a book of lyrics handwritten by James Hetfield, and a set of three posters.

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A1 Hit The Lights 4:17
A2 The Four Horsemen 7:08
A3 Motorbreath 3:03
A4 Jump In The Fire 4:50
A5 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth 3:27
A6 Whiplash 4:06
B1 Phantom Lord 4:52
B2 No Remorse 6:24
B3 Seek & Destroy 6:50
B4 Metal Militia 6:06

Live At Espace Balard, Paris, France – February 9th, 1984
C1 The Ecstasy of Gold 3:46
C2 Hit The Lights 4:17
C3 The Four Horsemen 7:26
C4 Jump In The Fire 4:36
D1 Phantom Lord 5:02
D2 No Remorse 6:25
D3 Ride The Lightning 6:26
E1 Motorbreath 3:06
E2 (Anethesia) – Pulling Teeth 3:11
E3 Whiplash 4:20
F1 Seek & Destroy 7:21
F2 Metal Militia 7:50

Picture Disc: Jump In The Fire EP
G1 Jump In The Fire 4:40
H1 Seek & Destroy 7:02
H2 Phantom Lord 4:53

Kill ‘Em All (Remastered)
CD1-1 Hit The Lights 4:17
CD1-2 The Four Horsemen 7:08
CD1-3 Motorbreath 3:03
CD1-4 Jump In The Fire 4:39
CD1-5 (Anethesia) – Pulling Teeth 4:14
CD1-6 Whiplash 4:06
CD1-7 Phantom Lord 4:52
CD1-8 No Remorse 6:24
CD1-9 Seek & Destroy 6:50
CD1-10 Metal Militia 5:09

Interview & Radio IDs
CD2-1 Metal Force Magazine Interview With Lars 1:10:09
CD2-2 Radio IDs With Lars, James And Cliff From 1984 1:10

Kill ‘Em All Rough Mixes From Lars’ Vault & The Whiplash EP Tracks
CD3-1 Motorbreath (Rough Mix) 3:13
CD3-2 Hit The Lights (Rough Mix) 4:21
CD3-3 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth (Rough Mix) 4:28
CD3-4 Seek & Destroy (Rough Mix) 6:56
CD3-5 Phantom Lord (Rough Mix) 5:04
CD3-6 Whiplash (Rough Mix) 4:15
CD3-7 The Four Horsemen (Rough Mix) 7:12
CD3-8 Seek & Destroy (“Not Live” From The Automatt) 6:59
CD3-9 Phantom Lord (“Not Live” From The Automatt) 4:49
CD3-10 Jump In The Fire 4:43
CD3-11 Whiplash (Special Neckbrace Remix) 4:10
CD3-12 Seek & Destroy (“Live” At The Automatt) 7:03
CD3-13 Phantom Lord (“Live” At The Automatt) 4:53

Live At J Bees Rock III, Middletown, NY – January 20th, 1984
CD4-1 The Four Horsemen 5:46
CD4-2 Jump In The Fire 5:14
CD4-3 Fight Fire With Fire 5:32
CD4-4 Ride The Lightning 7:13
CD4-5 Phantom Lord 5:21
CD4-6 Seek & Destroy 7:47
CD4-7 Whiplash 6:35

Live At The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA – October 31st, 1983
CD5-1 Hit The Lights 4:25
CD5-2 The Four Horsemen 7:29
CD5-3 Jump In The Fire 5:00
CD5-4 Fight Fire With Fire 5:36
CD5-5 Ride The Lightning 7:54
CD5-6 Phantom Lord 5:34
CD5-7 When Hell Freezes Over 9:10
CD5-8 Seek & Destroy 7:22
CD5-9 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth 2:35
CD5-10 Whiplash 5:48
CD5-11 Creeping Death 7:48
CD5-12 Guitar Solo 2:40
CD5-13 Metal Militia 7:45

Live At The Metro, Chicago, IL – August 12th, 1983
DVD-1 Hit The Lights 6:26
DVD-2 The Four Horsemen 7:55
DVD-3 Jump In The Fire 4:46
DVD-4 Phantom Lord 6:21
DVD-5 No Remorse 6:59
DVD-6 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth 4:21
DVD-7 Whiplash 4:39
DVD-8 Seek & Destroy 7:35
DVD-9 Guitar Solo 3:23
DVD-10 Metal Militia 8:21
DVD-11 Credits 0:20

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