Monster Magnet: 4-Way Diablo (2LP Gatefold)


Monster Magnet’s 2004 album Monolithic Baby! and 2007 album 4-Way Diablo are finally getting the reissue treatment after being out of print for quite a while. The albums were originally released on SPV and are being reissued by Napalm Records, who acquired SPV in 2020. This is especially good news for anyone who wants to listen to “Unbroken (Hotel Baby)” about 100 times daily.

“It’s great to see these two albums back in circulation again. The Monster Magnet universe isn’t complete without them! Monolithic Baby! is a big, glitzy (and purposefully cynical, but aren’t they all?) rock and roll record, and listening to it now reminds me of that time – the beginning of the 21st century. Even then I knew things were gonna get weird!

“4 Way Diablo is a collection of songs I wrote between tours in the early 2000s but couldn’t find a place for. They piled up fast, and pretty soon, there was an album. It turns out there’s some of my favorite Magnet songs there!”‘

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1. 4-way Diablo – Monster Magnet (3.19)
2. Wall of Fire – Monster Magnet (3.44)
3. You’re Alive – Monster Magnet (4.03)
4. Blow Your Mind – Monster Magnet (4.27)
5. Cyclone – Monster Magnet (5.32)
6. 2000 Lightyears from Home – Monster Magnet (4.51)
7. No Vacation – Monster Magnet (5)
1. I’m Calling You – Monster Magnet (4.21)
2. Solid Gold – Monster Magnet (5.51)
3. Freeze and Pixelate – Monster Magnet (4.25)
4. A Thousand Stars – Monster Magnet (5.29)
5. Slap in the Face – Monster Magnet (4.26)
6. Little Bag of Gloom – Monster Magnet (2.18)


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