Nine Inch Nails: Live At Right Track (2LP Gatefold Rare)


The release states that the tracks originate “from a live FM broadcast recorded at Right Track Studios, Cleveland, OH, November 1988”. This is false. This is simply a repackaging of a collection of remixes, rarities and unreleased demos.

Instead of providing version titles, the release simply numbers tracks that appear in multiple versions (eg. Down In It I, II, II, IV). Two songs by other artists (that include vocals by Trent Reznor) appear, although no artists other than Nine Inch Nails are given credit.

Track 1 is a demo that was released on the Head Like A Hole single.
Track 2 is a soundboard recording that was released on TVT Sampler Summer 1991.
Track 3 is a 1000 Homo DJs song, with vocals by Trent Reznor, released on ! (Wax Trax! Sampler #2).
Tracks 5, 8, 9, 11 & 13 had originally appeared on an earlier variant of this collection (“Demos & Remixes”).
Track 6 is the album version of the Pigface song, with vocals by Trent Reznor.
Track 7 is a remix released on UK versions of the Head Like A Hole single.
Track 10 is a radio edit released on the UK promo of Wish.
Track 12 is a remix released on the Head Like A Hole single.


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  1. Down in It I
  2. Suck I
  3. Supernaut
  4. Down in It II
  5. Twist
  6. Suck II
  7. Head Like a Hole
  8. Sanctified
  9. Down in It III
  10. Wish
  11. Kinda I Want To
  12. Head
  13. Down in It IV
  14. Sin

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