Twin Temple: Stripped From The Crypt (Red Blood/Black Mass Splatter) (Signed!)


A new spawning has arrived along with Fall and all the delights of the evil season!

This record- “Stripped from the Crypt”- features Alexandra & Zachary intimately performing all of Twin Temple’s released work to date in a one take, stripped back live format, on just vocals and guitar, recorded in their ritual chamber at home in Los Angeles. This collection has been mixed & mastered in demonic monophonic sound for vinyl. And though they are “unadulterated” recordings, they are far from chaste or wholesome! Even in an intimate, “nude” setting, they are as wanton and blasphemous as ever.

Includes a full color, 10 page collectable lyric booklet, including never before seen photographs from Twin Temple’s last tour

Gatefold, 666 copies only, pressed on red blood/black mass splatter.


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  1. Lucifer, My Love
  2. I Know How To Hex You
  3. Let’s Hang Together
  4. I Am A Witch
  5. Satan’s A Woman
  6. I’m Wicked
  7. Santa Muerte
  8. The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It)
  9. Femme Fatale
  10. Sex Magick

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Dimensions 32 × 32 cm