Various Artists: What Is This That Stands Before Me? (Black Sabbath Tribute)


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the self-titled Black Sabbath album and ‘Paranoid,’ Sacred Bones is proud to present ‘What Is This That Stands Before Me?’, a compilation of Sabbath covers recorded by artists from across our roster.

Black Sabbath stands at the crossroads of every Sacred Bones employee and artist’s musical taste, and it was a great pleasure for us to work together to reimagine some of their most beloved songs.

Here you’ll find Sabbath through the filter of the post-Soviet darkwave of Molchat Doma, the experimental folk of Hilary Woods, the laid-back psych of Moon Duo, and a half dozen more genres besides. Satan’s coming ’round the bend.

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1. The Soft Moon – Black Sabbath
2. Molchat Doma – Небеса и Ад (Heaven and Hell)
3. Thou – Supernaut
4. Marissa Nadler – Solitude
5. Hilary Woods – N.I.B.
6. Zola Jesus – Changes
7. Moon Duo – Planet Caravan
8. Dean Hurley – Warning (Bar Band Version)
9. Uniform – Symptom of the Universe

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