Zeal And Ardor: Greif (Crystal Clear Vinyl)


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Zeal & Ardor isn’t just a band; it’s a living and breathing entity.

Like any other sentient being, it consumes, evolves, and transforms from one season to the next. Its shape may change though its spirit remains the same.

Founded and fronted by Manuel Gagneux, it has only sharpened its claws, lengthened its teeth, and steeled its nerves over the years, growing more undeniable and unpredictable in the process. After gathering tens of millions of streams and earning widespread critical acclaim, this beast proves as dynamic and dangerous as ever on its fourth full-length album, GREIF.

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This is a pre-order item shipping on or near August 23, 2024


Side A:

  1. The Bird, The Lion And The Wildkin
  2. Fend You Off
  3. Kilonova
  4. Are You The Only One Now?
  5. Go Home My Friend
  6. Clawing Out
  7. Disease

Side B:

  1. 369
  2. Thrill
  3. Une Ville Vide
  4. Sugarcoat
  5. Solace
  6. Hide In Shade
  7. To My Ilk

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