Anvil: One And Only (Gold Vinyl)


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Prepare to experience the relentless force of metal legends Anvil with their latest album, “One and Only.” As pioneers of the genre, Anvil has forged a path of uncompromising metal excellence for over four decades, and “One and Only” is a testament to their enduring power and influence. Their 20th studio album (!) showcases Anvil at their finest, delivering a relentless onslaught of blistering riffs, thunderous drums, and anthemic choruses that will leave you electrified.

With tracks that resonate with the raw energy and passion that define their sound, “One and Only” solidifies Anvil’s place as true masters of heavy metal.

ANVIL frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlowspoke about the band’s upcoming LP. He said in part: “What’s really fascinating, this particular album, and I’m not gonna be like most musicians, you always hype up what you’ve done most recent. Usually I don’t — usually, and most usually, like on the last album, I just said it’s another ANVIL album. What the hell do you want? And the album, a couple of albums ago, [we called it] ‘Anvil Is Anvil’. Fuck it. You know what I mean? You want something different? You’re not gonna get it. It’s almost like tongue in cheek. And after 45 years, you’re not thinking about things like you did when you’re 20.”

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This is a pre-order shipping on or near June 28, 2o24


  1. One And Only
  2. Feed Your Fantasy
  3. Fight For Your Rights
  4. Heartbroken
  5. Gold And Diamonds
  6. Dead Man Shoes
  7. Truth Is Dying
  8. Rocking The World
  9. Run Away
  10. World Of Fools
  11. Condemned Liberty
  12. Blind Rage

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