Devin Townsend: Lightwork (Limited Edition Vinyl)


Gatefold Black 2LP+CD & LP-size Booklet

After an exceptionally long year full of personal change and near manic levels of creative activity, Canadian musician Devin Townsend releases his follow up to 2019’s acclaimed ‘Empath’ album.

Assembled from a barrage of material written during the pandemic ‘Lightwork’ represents a new level, and has ended up being one of the most accessible, yet ambitious releases of his storied career.

A project that has been on Devin’s mind since he was a teen, (and flirted with throughout his career) is a more melodic and direct album with a great producer to help guide the work.

Enter Garth Richardson: A Vancouver based producer with a long resume and a friend of Devin’s for many years.

And the goal? To provide something beautiful, cathartic, powerful and clear. A sense of optimism and power through what can be commonly known as a ‘depressing period’. It’s about strength, love, acceptance, fear, and overcoming together.

Guests on the record include friends and stalwarts from his past (Anneke Van Giersbergen, Ché Aimee Dorval, Morgan Agren, Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, Elektra Women’s Choir) as well as some newer friends and faces (Darby Todd, Diego Tejeida, Nathan Navarro, Federico Paulovich, Jonas Hellborg), and also, in a rather hard to believe turn of events, legend producer and guitar player Nile Rodgers plays on the track ‘HoneyBunch’.



Gatefold Black 2LP+CD & LP-size Booklet



  1. Moonpeople
  2. Lightworker
  3. Equinox


  1. Call of the Void
  2. HoneyBunch
  3. Dimensions


  1. Celestial Signals
  2. Heavy Burden
  3. Vacation


  1. Children of God


  1. Moonpeople
  2. Lightworker
  3. Equinox
  4. Call of the Void
  5. HoneyBunch
  6. Dimensions
  7. Celestial Signals
  8. Heavy Burden
  9. Vacation
  10. Children of God

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