Dream Theatre: Distance Over Time (Double LP)


This item is on pre-order. It will be available on 22 February 2019

Two-time Grammy-nominated and millions-selling progressive music titans Dream Theater announce the forthcoming worldwide release of their 14th studio album, Distance Over Time on February 22, 2019. Distance Over Time showcases a newfound creativity for Dream Theater while maintaining the elements that have garnered them devoted fans around the globe. The album also marks the first for the band’s new label InsideOutMusic / Sony Music. The artwork was created by long-time cover collaborator Hugh Syme (Rush, Iron Maiden, Stone Sour). Distance Over Time was produced by John Petrucci, mixed by Ben Grosse and mastered by Tom Baker.


“When I listen back to the album, I can distinctly recall every moment of the writing process; where I was standing in the room, what inspired us in that instant and the meaning behind each song. As a producer, my goal was to try and create the best-sounding Dream Theater record we’ve ever made so that listeners can just be enveloped in the music. I really wanted this recording to truly reflect the spirit, joy and passion that went into making the album and for people to walk away feeling some of the organic nature, personality and raw energy that the band captured while together in the studio. For me, I think it accomplishes that and I hope that other people will feel the same way,” explains John Petrucci.

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This item is on pre-order. It will be available on 22 February 2019

1. “Untethered Angel” Petrucci 6:14
2. “Paralyzed” Petrucci 4:17
3. “Fall into the Light” Myung 7:04
4. “Barstool Warrior” Petrucci 6:43
5. “Room 137” Mangini 4:23
6. “S2N” Myung, Petrucci[13] 6:21
7. “At Wit’s End” LaBrie 9:20
8. “Out of Reach” LaBrie 4:04
9. “Pale Blue Dot”