Ghost: Prequelle


Prequelle has been described as hard rock,arena rock, heavy metal, doom metal, progressive rock, and pop rock. The album includes 1970s and 80s influences such as, Blue Öyster Cult, Boston, ABBA, and hair metal. Forge had the theme for Prequelle planned out for years, dating to even before Meliora. He described the theme as “survival through a tumultuous time of your existence basically being threatened” and the concept of “death and doom”. He wanted to make a record about the Plague and the Black Death, which led to about half the population of Europe dying. But he said it also led to “mortality issues” such as memento mori and “seize the day” because the other half survived.

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Release Date: 2018
Label: Loma Vista
Length: 41:43
Producer: Tom Dalgety

01. “Ashes”
02. “Rats”
03. “Faith”
04. “See the Light”
05. “Miasma” (Instrumental)
06. “Dance Macabre”
07. “Pro Memoria”
08. “Witch Image”
09. “Helvetesfönster” (Instrumental)
10. “Life Eternal”

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