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On a journey of escape, exile, and exploration, he traveled from Quebec to Alaska, down the Canadian and American coasts and western regions, to Mexico and Belize, and finally back to Quebec. While riding “the Healing Road,” Neil recorded in his journals his progress and setbacks in the grieving/healing process, and the pain of constantly reliving his losses. He also recorded with dazzling, colourful, entertaining, and moving artistry, the enormous range of his travel adventures, from the mountains to the sea, from the deserts to Arctic ice, and the dozens of memorable people, characters, friends, and relatives he met along the way.


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This book was almost impossible to put down. Parts are just hilarious, parts are just heart-breaking. Mr.Peart writes with a style that is very conversational and every time he pulls off a road or stops at a little inn you’re there with him–you can visualize the people he sees, smell the scent of warm rubber motorcycle tires, hear the crunch of gravel under his boots and taste the food he eats.

And you can feel the loss, the endless, soul-crushing loss of losing both his daughter and wife over a 10-month period–his 19-year-old daughter in a car accident, and the slow, agonizing death of his wife afterwards, dying of a broken heart. Reading how little hope Mr. Peart had, and wanting so desperately to help him find his north star again, the reader is immediately part of his story. It’s his best book by far (although he’s always a good writer, this one reveals his true humanity).

Buy it, bookmark it all over the place, and read it again in a year, when your heart is ready for it.

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