Job Centre Rejects: Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1982


Twelve ultra-rare and highly collectable NWOBHM singles were originally released by small labels in Britain between 1978-82.
Remastered sound and extensive liner notes by Kieron Tyler (Mojo Magazine)

It will appeal to all metalheads, punk rockers, garage-rock freaks, pub rockers, and everyone into truly great and brilliant rock’n’roll music/

Throroughly-researched compilation documenting the NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal) phenomenon’s rarer out reaches. The album features twelve tracks licensed from rare and hard to find NWOBHM singles originally released in England 1978-1982. It will appeal to metal fans, but also to punk fanatics, garagerock-maniacs, DIY-lovers and maybe even to a few powerpop afficionados. Remastered and restored sound, with extensive liner notes by Kieron Tyler (Mojo Magazine), and richly illustrated with many rare photos from band members’ own collections.

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  1. Supended Animation – Baseline
  2. Seen You Here – Predatur
  3. Children of the Street – Spider
  4. This One’s for You – Stray
  5. On the Run – Overdrive
  6. Thanx for Nothing – Frenzy
  7. You Got the Power – Die Laughing
  8. Down the Road – Speed
  9. Don’t Show Your Face – Energy
  10. Never On a Win – The Next Band
  11. Voice On the Line – Static
  12. (Living On) English Booze – Metal Mirror