KISS: Destroyer (Resurrected) (Walmart Orange Vinyl)


In anticipation of the 35th anniversary of the release of Destroyer, producer Bob Ezrin approached Simmons and Stanley about doing a remix and re-release of the original album. With their approval, Ezrin acquired digital copies of the original 16-track analog master tapes.

In addition to re-equalizing elements of each song, Ezrin also added in some parts of tracks that had been omitted from the original mix. These include some additional vocals on Detroit Rock City and Beth, and the substitution of a guitar solo by Frehley on Sweet Pain for the one from the original that had been performed by Wagner (a version of Sweet Pain with Frehley’s solo was included as track 6, while the original version with Wagner’s solo is appended as a “bonus” track at the end of the new CD).

Ezrin also used digital manipulation to fix an incorrect lyric (changing “down 95” to “doin’ 95”) on Detroit Rock City. The resulting album, titled Destroyer: Resurrected, was released on August 21, 2012.

It featured Ken Kelly’s original cover artwork prior to alteration by Casablanca for the 1976 release.

Destroyer: Resurrected met with mixed critical reception. William Clark of Guitar International wrote: “Each track sounds crisper, clearer and louder, which are always welcome qualities when you’re listening to a classic album of the likes of Destroyer”. However, Circus magazine in a joint review with Aerosmith’s contemporary release of Rocks praised Rocks while stating that Destroyer “stinks.” The album returned to the Billboard charts, debuting at #11 the week after its re-release.

In 2019, the record was released in orange translucent vinyl, retailed exclusively by Walmart in the U.S..


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01: “Detroit Rock City”
02: “King of the Night Time World”
03: “God of Thunder”
04: “Great Expectations”
05: “Flaming Youth”
06: “Sweet Pain”
07: “Shout It Out Loud”
08: “Beth”
09: “Do You Love Me”
10: “Rock And Roll Party”


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