Midnight Alibi: Loveshine



Australian indie rockers Midnight Alibi make rock music the way it used to taste; loud and dirty, in your face, adrenalin pumping rock ‘n’ roll!

Midnight Alibi formed in Albury NSW in 2012. Since this time, the band has relentlessly toured the country, independently released two critically acclaimed EP’s; the later, ‘Love Yourself Sick’ included the radio track, ‘Down The River’ which gave the band their first taste of widespread national airplay.

The band have also been regularly featured on the Grant Broadcaster’s OzMade program, which airs to 17 commercial stations and The Aussie Music Weekly radio program which impacts 45 community radio stations across the country.

“Midnight Alibi are all about good, old-fashioned rock’n’roll” – Beat Magazine

“Well written, catchy lyrics dotted with wicked lead guitar breaks. One theme that goes through most of the songs seems to be sex, drugs and rock n roll. Classic!” – Australian Musician Network

“They’re rough and tough with a down and dirty sound they can’t wait to throw in your face”. – Scenestr

“If you like your music loud, dirty, and in your face, then let me introduce you to Midnight Alibi. The Albury band has just released a brand new single, ‘Ego Tripper’, and it’s the ideal introduction to their infectiously raw sound”– Sounds Of Oz


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(Limited Edition 7″)


Side A: Loveshine
Side B: Hard One

Produced By Steve Scanlon
‘Hard One’ featuring keys by Tony Featherstone (The Badloves / Jimmy Barnes)
Cover Artwork by Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, The Cult)

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