Subtract-S: (Alone On A) Monday


When the idea for Rue Morgue Records The Label was spawned and ultimately unleashed to an unsuspecting public, I really didn’t know what sort of bands would contact me.

I didn’t care the genres that would approach me, all I was concerned about was the artist blow me away. And that is not easy to do. Depending on a person’s frame of mind at the time it certainly takes quite a skill for an artist to render the listener – the aforementioned blown away. But that is exactly what Adelaide’s Subtract-S managed to do to me.

Listening to the recordings they sent me my mind was flooded with a waft of music that I just quite couldn’t put my finger on. There were so many elements combined in such a way that the band made them all sound unique and part of a whole. Certainly the synth-pop element thrives throughout their sound but to merely label them as synth-pop is quite insulting. An element of darkness and punk-like attitude envelopes their sound so nicely. There’s electronic pioneer Gary Numan in there. There’s all the good things of Joy Division brimming at the surface but there is also a marriage of digital and analog sounds that make these guys sound like one of the most exciting prospects coming out of Adelaide.

Listen to “SUBTRACT S Interview” on Spreaker.


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(Limited Edition 7″)

Side A: (Alone On A) Monday
Side B: On The Line


Live version of On The Line

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