Mortal Sin: Mayhemic Destruction (Silver Vinyl)


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Long overdue vinyl re-issue of Mortal Sin’s classic thrash metal debut ‘Mayhemic Destruction‘, originally released in 1987, with extensive liner notes and contributions from the band. Second pressing on limited edition silver vinyl. Newly remastered, the release features liner notes from revered metal writer Malcolm Dome who conducted new interviews with the band, and also from former touring drummer Steve Hughes, now a hugely successful stand-up comedian.

Emerging from the Australian metal underground in the latter part of the 80s after forming in 1985, Mortal Sin quickly found global fame when their self-released debut LP ‘Mayhemic Destruction‘ was picked up by major label Vertigo and reissued globally in 1987. Featuring early classics like ‘Lebanon‘ and ‘Blood, Death, Hatred‘, the album proved to be a pivotal release in the burgeoning Thrash Metal scene of the time, and gained glowing reviews across the board, including Kerrang! who described Mortal Sin as ‘potentially the next Big Thing’ and in Metal Forces who awarded the record a 99/100 review.

Mortal Sin remained sporadically active up until 2012. This re-issue has the full co-operation of the band.



This is a pre-order item shipping to you on or near August 23, 2024


Side A

  1. The Curse
  2. Women In Leather
  3. Lebanon
  4. Liar

Side B

  1. Blood, Death, Hatred
  2. Mortal Slaughter
  3. Into The Fire
  4. Mayhemic Destruction

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