Spirit World: Deathwestern


Allow us to introduce you to SpiritWorld, the self-proclaimed “death western” metal band who just dropped a music video for the slam-along single “Comancheria” off the Pagan Rhythms debut album.

This is an instantly catchy track that brings strong rock ‘n’ roll vibes to a sound that’s seriously heavier and hardcore-inflected, predicated on an elbow-swinging rhythm and a bit of a dusty road flair alongside a gravely vocal bark.

The music video helps connect the western themes, laid out like a silent film with title cards that move the narrative from scene to scene where plastic toy soldiers are taken by surprise by Native Americans under the cover of nightfall, setting up a violent desert showdown that ends with a demon from Hell dragging everyone down into the fiery depths.

SpiritWorld is the brainchild of Las Vegas native Stu Folsom, who described his intentions and stated, “It’s about trying to write killer songs and craft a classic record. With Pagan Rhythms, I set out to distill my love of thrash, old school death metal, and hardcore into something new that would hit like a tomahawk right in the face. When I first started telling people about this idea, I had to merge Western imagery, horror fiction, and heavy metal into an all-out sonic assault. It seemed ridiculous, but I truly believe that if you make great records people are a lot more willing to embrace your weirdness and come along for the ride.”

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01. Mojave Bloodlust
02. Deathwestern
03. Relic Of Damnation
04. Purafied In Violence
05. U L C E R
06. Committee of Buzzards
07. The Heretic Butcher
08. Moonlit Torture
09. Crucified Heathen Scum
10. Lujuria Satanica
11. 1000 Deaths

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