Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 3


Pre-orders are now open for Volume III. Pre-orders are important to us because basically, it is the fans of this project that is bankrolling it all.

The records we produce are top shelf and expensive. Show me another Australian record today with the production values showed throughout this series. Primo gatefold covers, inner sleeves, coloured vinyl, picture discs etc. And we have continually improved from Vol I through to Vol II and now Vol III.

We are still working on the artists and tracks for the album and this will continue until June 30 when we go into production for an early 2024 release.

FINAL vinyl artists:

  • Amberdown: Spare Me The Lies
  • Among The Restless: Slave Within Change
  • Black Kanyon: Wait Around
  • The Dead Set: 100 Highways
  • Feed The Fire: Shake
  • Howling Mountain: Gaslight
  • HZED: Point Of View
  • Mage: Pressure
  • Rhinosaur: Blood Like Wine
  • The Reasons Why: Apathy
  • Callus Hearts: Down That Road 
  • Day Of Clint: Tallest Story (CD Bonus)
  • Mongrel: Flogged (CD Bonus)
  • King Zog: Dead Root (CD Bonus)

Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol III will also feature:

  • Gatefold Cover
  • 11 blistering Australian Rock acts on the vinyl (plus 3 bonus tracks on the CD version)
  • Exclusive membership to our private Facebook Group LEGION
  • Exclusive Rue Morgue Records Vol III Sticker
  • Exclusive Rue Morgue Records Guitar Pick


Limited Edition Yellow & Red Splatter Vinyl – $65.99



Limited Edition Black Vinyl – $60.99
The Black Vinyl edition is extremely limited and only 50 copies will be produced.



Limited Edition Picture Disc Side A (100 copies only) – $70.99



Limited Edition Picture Disc Side B (100 copies only) – $70.99


CD Version with Bonus Tracks NOT on vinyl – Alternate Cover – $20.99



Ultra Exclusive Edition Signed by artists of Volume 3 (SAMPLE IMAGE ABOVE – $160)



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 cm

Autographed, Black, CD, Green, Picture Disc, Splatter Yellow/Red


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