Spankmag Vol 1


Pre-Orders are open now with a tentative release date of April 2024.

Some proceeds of Spankmag Vol 1’s sales will be donated to the Open Arms Veterans Support group.

After the successful Hard Rock/Metal compilation series Murders In The Rue Morgue, the label has decided to turn our attention to the Punk Rock world and put together a collection of Australian Punk Rock on one hot slab of vinyl!

“What was happening was that I was getting all sorts of music sent to me when putting together the Murders compilations. I found I was turning away many Alternative and Punk acts because I just couldn’t fit them within the flow of what we were doing on the Murders compilations…” says label head John Raptis

“The thing is tho, some of these bands and music was fucking incredible and rather than just reject them and turn them away… Spankmag was born. It is going to be an annual compilation series just like Murders and I cannot believe how fast Spankmag Vol 1 is coming together. I am hopeful for a December release now, although we had pencilled in March of 2023. We are way, way ahead of schedule!” continues Raptis.

This is a pre-order for Spankmag Vol 1 and as of Summer 2023, tentatively features the following…

  • Buckled
  • The Dark Clouds
  • Rust
  • Rumblestone
  • Roadkill
  • Kuntsquad
  • SkinInc.

Final track listing will be made available at the end of  2023.

Spankmag Vol 1 will be produced on vinyl in two variants:

  • Black Vinyl – (open edition) – $60.99
  • Hot Pink Vinyl – (limited edition 100 copies) – $65.99
  • Compact Disc – (bonus tracks not available on the vinyl) – $20.99


Pre-Orders are open now with a tentative release date of April 2024.


Limited Edition Hot Pink Vinyl (100 copies only) – $65.99


Open Edition Black Vinyl – $60.99


CD version with bonus tracks NOT on vinyl – $20.99

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 cm

Black, CD, Hot Pink


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