Type O Negative: The Origin Of The Feces (2LP Green/Black Vinyl)


ORIGINAL UNCENSORED COVER ART with removable scratch and sniff cover! Ugh! No shit!

This 30th anniversary edition features deluxe packaging, exclusive poster featuring a black and green portrait of 1493 painting “The Dance of Death” which was the alternate cover art, and green/black mixed coloured vinyl.

The Origin of the Feces is the second studio album by the American gothic metal band Type O Negative, released in 1992.

The liner note said this album was recorded in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn on Halloween of 1991, but it contradicts the fuller title The Origin Of The Feces (Not Live At Brighton Beach). The album was actually recorded in Systems Two Recording Studio a few miles from Brighton Beach, but produced to sound as if it had been recorded at a live show by adding crowd noises, banter with the fictitious audience, and even a song stopping because the venue supposedly had received a bomb threat. This was done to simulate some controversy the band had during the Slow, Deep and Hard tour in Europe. The band is well-known among fans for weaving this dry humor into their often gloomy music.

Some fans say this is a fake live album and don’t consider it their second studio album, instead they say that their next album, Bloody Kisses, is their second studio album (instead of their third), October Rust is their third (instead of their fourth), etc.

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  1. I Know You’re Fucking Someone Else
  2. Are You Afraid
  3. Gravity
  4. Pain
  5. Kill You Tonight
  6. Hey Pete
  7. Kill You Tonight (Reprise)
  8. Paranoid

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