White Zombie: Make Them Die Slowly (Misprint Spine)


Make Them Die Slowly is the second studio album by White Zombie, released on March 22, 1989 by Caroline Records. It is named after the 1981 cannibal movie Cannibal Ferox, which was originally released in the US as Make Them Die Slowly. There is a printing error on the CD’s side saying “Let Them Die Slowly” instead of the album’s correct title. Produced by composer Bill Laswell and featuring John Ricci on guitar, the album represented a transition from the noise rock influenced sound of the White Zombie’s previous albums to heavy metal, which informed much of their later work.

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(Spine has misprint of the album title. Let Them Die Slowly)


01. “Demonspeed”
02. “Disaster Blaster”
03. “Murderworld”
04. “Revenge”
05. “Acid Flesh”
06. “Power Hungry”
07. “Godslayer”

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