Bruce Dickinson: Accident Of Birth (2LP Yellow & Red Splatter)


Accident of Birth is the fourth studio album by Bruce Dickinson, released on 3 June 1997 through Castle Communications sub-label Raw Power in the UK and through CMC International in the US.

Dickinson’s second collaboration with guitarist/producer Roy Z, the album is markedly different in style from his previous effort Skunkworks. As well as Roy Z, Dickinson was also joined for the album by fellow former Iron Maiden member Adrian Smith; both Dickinson and Smith would later return to their former band in early 1999. Thanks to the slightly bigger success of this album compared to his previous solo releases, Dickinson would continue to work with Roy Z on his subsequent albums The Chemical Wedding (1998) and Tyranny of Souls (2005).


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  1. Freak
  2. Toltec 7 Arrival
  3. Starchildren
  4. Taking The Queen
  5. Darkside Of Aquarius
  6. Omega
  7. Man Of Sorrows
  8. Accident Of Birth
  9. The Magician
  10. Welcome To The Pit
  11. The Road To Hell
  12. Arc Of Space

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