Clouds Taste Satanic: Evil Eye (Coloured Vinyl)


New York post-doom outfit, Clouds Taste Satanic have released their fifth long player “Evil Eye”. This is a two track instrumental album released on Walpurgis Eve that is the first of a destined two part sonic journey which will continue later this year, on Halloween. Each track is broken into three parts and forms a soundtrack based around Pagan ritual. Formed in Brooklyn in 2013, they’ve gradually built an underground reputation based on their stoner tinged doom sound that incorporates elements of psychedelia.

The first of two 20 minute tracks, “Evil Eye” confirms that doomed out psychedelic reputation with a steady build. A proto metal riff comes in and a very sweet lead guitar searches and wails. The third movement revs things up a little and there’s almost a certain grandeur to the vibe. A hypnotic, shoe gaze aura hangs over the mid section before the final stanza brings in more of a thoughtful Led Zeppelin feel.

The second piece, “Pagan Worship” is a much darker affair in keeping with the album’s themes with a gritty, fuzzed up riff swathed in psychedelia. Early Black Sabbath sounds hang heavy as heady riffs twist and morph into a lumbering beast. Thankfully this band don’t give the sense of creating directionless jams but rather thoughtfully constructed pieces. Bringing in progressive rock tones and lead guitar with washed out effects, the mid section moves into a smoky, blues haze. A snapping percussion starts to move it along again as urgency comes back into the riff. The shifts between movements are natural and seamless and a Sabbathian “Children Of The Grave” chug comes in that’s all head banging glory and for these ears makes this the stronger of the two tracks.

“Evil Eye” is an interesting listen. The band manage to weave a tapestry of sounds that keep things reasonably fresh although they never threaten to surprise with the unexpected. One for switching off the lights and letting your mind wander and escape.


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  1. Evil Eye
  2. A.I The Witch (Sentiment)
  3. A.II The Warlock (Enchantment)
  4. A.III The Wizard (Wonder)
  5. Pagan Worship
  6. B.I The Wiccan (Witchcraft)
  7. B.II The Druid (Sorcery)
  8. B.III The Heathen (Heretic)