Glenn Danzig: Black Aria (Starburst Vinyl)


Brand new vinyl pressing of the most audacious album ever released by Glenn Danzig, the all-instrumental modern classical opus, Black Aria!

Originally released in 1992, this is the very first solo album to be released by Glenn Danzig and notably debuted at the top spot on Billboard’s classical music chart! The first half of the album was inspired by John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, a retelling of the fall of the angel Lucifer, while the second half delves into Celtic mythology!

Glenn wrote every note on this record and performed every instrument!


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  1. Overture of the Rebel Angels
  2. Conspiracy Dirge
  3. Battle for Heaven
  4. Retreat and Descent
  5. Dirge of Defeat
  6. And the Angels Weep
  7. Shifter
  8. The Morrigu
  9. Cwn Anwnn

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