Grant Burns In-Store At Alt.Cvlt

Rue Morgue Records recording artist Grant Burns launched his debut single Chaos In Design at a successful in-store at Alt.Cvlt in Frankston.

In front of a receptive gathering, Grant played his entire debut EP live whilst also generating interest from many passer bys who were enthralled with Burns’ guitar hystrionics.

Grant was available to sign copies of his single which was released earlier in the week through Rue Morgue Records.

“We’re gonna be doing many more of these with our friends at Alt.Cvlt with future Rue Morgue Records artists…” said label head John Raptis.

“We’ve got a wonderful relationship with the team from Alt.Cvlt and it was very special to see what a beer at the Reverance Hotel with Grant and I back in February all eventuated to. We shook hands and set about to create a wonderful record and experience and that makes all the hard work in-between all worthwhile. It is not easy going from start to finish on a project like this but with the fantastic work ethic of the Morgue team, we accomplished all we set out to do…” continues Raptis.

You will be able to purchase copies of the Chaos In Design single at Alt.Cvlt, Rue Morgue Records and when Grant goes back on tour with leading Melbourne Thrashers Mason.

Thank you to all who came along!

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