Palace Of The King Now Shipping!

​It’s a bit of a relief coming to the end of another project/campaign at Rue Morgue Records.

Today we posted all orders of Palace Of The King to all the fans who pre-ordered. The amount of work that went from start to finish is pretty mind-blowing.

To think, this project ​began early in January and it comes full circle 5 months later. In fact all of the campaigns we have undertaken so far at Rue Morgue Records take roughly that time to complete. Bare that in mind new clients.

The Palace Of The King campaign was a huge honour for Rue Morgue Records. There is stuff that happened behind the scenes that I cannot share with you, but to be chosen by such an established act to undertake this project was indeed a huge honour for us. Besides, the band are nestled nicely within the Golden Robot Records roster but hand-picked Rue Morgue Records to drive and deliver this. Yeah, honoured is the word.

Along the way, we made some good friends at Golden Robot Records and I make no secret in my admiration for them in what they are doing and where they are going.

So much was learnt along the way. So much experience was gained.

As tonight is coming to a close, I am feeling proud. You lot only get to see a finished, shiny record at the end of this all. You don’t see me driving for miles on my lunch break to pick up the covers from one location. Doing the same to pick up the records today. Spending hours and hours packing each record into its sleeve. Printing out labels and marrying them correctly with each order. You don’t see the back and forth between the band and myself as we work on designing the cover. The countless of emails and phone calls as we navigate this project from go to woe. Sweating on every single minute detail so the band can have a project they are proud of and Rue Morgue Records releasing its fifth record in the fifth month of the year.

Uh huh.

So, stay tuned. We’re releasing Midnight Alibi in a couple of weeks so all of the above is about to be repeated.

Early next month, Mason guitarist Grant Burns will be launching his record at Alt.Cvlt with a live performance of some of his work. I hope to see many of you there. Grant will be present to sign each and every record.

Once that dust settles, Southbound Snake Charmers, Death Of Art, Atomic Riot are next on the agenda. Followed closely by Dirty Elektricity.


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