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Modern Hard Rock with edge, energy and excess is the order of the day on Keri Kelli’s A New Revenge’s debut ‘Enemies and Lovers’ and if you can handle the roller-coaster ride then this is sure to be one of the albums you’ll be talking about this year.

From the opening and the high energy stomp of ‘The Distance Between’ and the groovier insistence of ‘The Way’ you know that this album is going to deliver. But its the consistency and power that really knocks you for six, and by the time your get just three tracks in to ‘Never Let You Go’ with its perfect grasp of Classic Rock given a modern sheen, you know that the writing here is just sublime.

‘Glorious’ that follows is just that, another uptempo tune and a song which just soars with a huge ‘summer sky’ chorus that is so uplifting it should be on prescription and I’m sure I’m not the first to get echoes of the late great Don Henley’s ‘Boys of Summer’ here.

If you still have breath left after that the album just doesn’t let up: ‘The Eyes’ adds more grit and texture and ‘Fallen’ an almost punky urgency, whilst ‘Only the Pretty Ones’ lays an almost theatrical Alice-like aspect upon a lighter composition to fall like a sinister shadow.

The title track makes an appearance as the album draws to a close – ‘Enemies and Lovers’ is a slow-burn slice of pop rock that just works beautifully and ‘Here’s To Us’ an ode to Hard and Heavy rockers everywhere that follows again ups the pace and delivers the goods,it’s a real standout ‘fists in the air’ anthem.

Closing proceedings with ‘Scars’ we go out with similar levels of energy as we came in with and ‘Ripper’ who has delivered time after time all through the album has his finest moment. It’s a great song and a killer album.

‘Killing You’ (the i-tunes bonus track) is a nice Metal romp with a real Power Metal edge, that makes a great addition.

These guys are getting it together on the road this year – you better not miss it!

Track Listing:
01. The Distance Between |02. The Way |03. Never Let You Go |04. Glorious | 05. The Eyes | 06. Fallen | 07. Only The Pretty Ones |08. Enemies & Lovers | 09. Here’s To Us |10. Scars

The Band: Keri Kelli – guitar | Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens – vocals | Rudy Sarzo – bass | James Kottak – drums

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