A Rue Morgue Records Success Story… The Vendettas

As Rue Morgue Records is about to turn one year old in a few days, I look back at the year that has past and simply marvel at just how far we have come. Although the label side of the business is only 8 months old, we have made some inroads into the independent industry that really need to be applauded and celebrated.

It has been an incredible ride and one that fills me with pride and joy and all the good stuff in life that leaves you feeling all giddy inside.

We get a lot of music submissions to the old RMR inbox. Lately it is very, very, very busy with a plethora of acts on a global scale approaching me to work with them. I think people are starting to take us seriously now but the rate of growth is mind-blowing.

Eight months ago, I had no idea on what it takes to create a vinyl record. I mean, would you expect me to?

Since January, we have released 6 singles to the public. There are 4 more waiting in the wings and we are in the midst of producing our first 12” album who’s pre-sales have astounded me. There is another in development too but all that will be revealed in due course.

Several months ago I received an email from a guy called Steve Redden.

Another late night email. Another band sending me stuff. I’ll deal with it in the morning.

Let it be known that I thoroughly listen to each and every piece of music that comes my way. I not only need to like what comes my way, I mean, REALLY like it but I also need to consider will this sell? Another criteria I take on board and to me it is equally as important as the music, is the band’s look and image.

So it was time to give The Vendettas a listen. I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t seen them live around the traps so I had no idea what was on offer.

I first checked out the tracks they personally recommended. Geez, they were good. They were great. This truly piqued my interest immediately.

Ok time to get serious. Time to really give it a listen. First track on the album was a rocker of a number called Face To Face.


I lived with the music for a few days. I had a bonafide winner on my hands.

I felt that the record was so good that the boys deserved something better and bigger than Rue Morgue Records. I wasn’t in a position to give them proper exposure and distribution but I knew I was holding onto gold here.

I decided to contact my friend at Golden Robot Records, head honcho Mark Alexander-Erber. Mark is someone I tremendously respect and over the course of Rue Morgue’s history, we’ve had a great relationship and working together on the Palace Of The Kings release we did together.

Golden Robot Records are a more internationally focussed label with an incredible stable of artists like John Sykes, King’s X, Skid Row, The Answer to name a very few!

“Mark, I have a band. You need to hear them. You really need to hear this record! It is perfect for Golden Robot…”

Mark gave it a listen and commented to me in due course, I have a good ear for talent. I agreed! I do have a good ear for talent!

Both Rue Morgue Records and Golden Robot Records will be involved in joint projects down the line so do watch this space!

I met with the band at the Espy one night. We had a meeting organised to discuss all that had happened from the point the guys sent me their music until now.

I told them of the Golden Robot interested but I kinda felt like they thought I was yanking their chain. I mean, this was the first time we had met could they even trust what I was saying to them?

It proved to be a productive and enjoyable meeting. The band was elated and we were full steam ahead.

Over the course of the next few months we had teleconference meetings with Golden Robot and email chains that went for pages and pages.

Eventually a contract and an offer was made to the boys.

And today, after all that work and too and fro, I am happy to say the boys have signed on to Golden Robot Records.

I am so happy for them and glad to have done my part to help a great young band that YOU need and you will hear very, very soon!

To Steve and the boys, go get ‘em mate! I wish you nothing but the absolute best from here on…

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