Happy Birthday Rue Morgue Records!

A year ago today the site launched. I had no idea where this would all lead to but I certainly knew where I wanted it to go.

A year ago, we were strictly an online store selling predominantly vinyl products. The label side of things did not happen for months yet. It hadn’t even entered my mind and it wouldn’t fully until January clicked over.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt it has been an incredibly busy period. I’d go as so far as saying it has encapsulated one of the busiest times of my life. As busy as it is tho, I really do enjoy it.

We have sold and delivered records the world over. Hundreds of transactions and in the course of a year only 1 item has been deemed lost and only 1 item got delivered all smashed up. Both these transactions were to Italy. Apart from that, we have had a as close to 100% successful delivery operation globally.

Many new friendships have been formed! Tons of new music has drawn my attention. The satisfaction of watching this operation grow is also one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had to deal with.

Four months in, the label was born and this is the main aspect of Rue Morgue Records I enjoy the most. It is thriving and growing at an alarmingly fast rate and is drawing all sorts of amazing attention. We have the next 6 months solidly planned out and there are some amazing works to come your way as well as one of my proudest accomplishments, the Murders In The Rue Morgue compilation album. That my friends is going to blow you away. I urge you to grab one. It is going to be huge!

Yeah today is Rue Morgue Records birthday. And no, it ain’t no accident, it is my mother’s birthday too. Here’s to you mum. The hard work ethic was ingrained within me ‘cos of you and dad. We miss you everyday.

Happy Birthday mum!

Year 2 begins!

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