Prodigy’s Keith Flint Dead

RIP Firestarter

I am glad I got to see Prodigy play live let alone have the opportunity to photograph them. It was a photo pass I had to truly fight for as my publication did not deem the band ‘heavy’ enough. That took me by surprise as most if not all Prodigy performances are some of the most high energy, visceral, mindfuckingly powerful gigs one could ever attend.

Put Prodigy up against any Emo/Screamo/Sentence for a name/ band and they would wipe the floor with them with a single song! Actually, it would take them a whole lot less than that.

Prodigy had the power to melt your face off and they didn’t need feed-backing guitars to do so.

It was only a few weeks ago when I was at the feet of Keith Flint and saying to myself, “Finally, I get to photograph you…”

And he wasn’t an easy shoot! Flying from one side of the stage to the other without pausing of breath. It was relentless as it was no-stop.

“Stand still for a sec so I can get my shot, man!”

But on and on he went. And he had done so for decades.

So full of life and an infectious energy that was all encompassing.

To hear of his death, by his own hand is so bitterly disappointing. What demons took hold last night? They sure must have been powerful enough for Keith to shoo them all away in the manner that he did. Ultimately a battle no one wins.

Alas, there is no return policy with death and we may never know what drove him to that fateful edge.

It is sad. So sad. But the pain for us as fans will soon pass. It’s his family, friends, loved ones and bandmates who will all pay the ultimate price picking up the pieces.

Thank you for the years of entertainment Keith. So sad all that you were, has been extinguished!

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