Six Month State Of The Union

Rue Morgue Records has just turned 6 months old. Yeah, you heard right. Six months. I can safely say that in that time we have achieved quite a bit. Which is not to say that it has not come without litres of blood, sweat and tears.
It has been an exhausting six months balancing all that is Rue Morgue with the day job and my photography. Add to that family life and other every day responsibilities.
But through a slab of persistence and planning and strategies that come to me in the middle of the night, I am very comfortable with where we sit.
I think the marketing and promotion has been second to none.
Our Facebook page just clicked over 1,000 Page Likes.
Our Instagram sits at 658
Our mailing list has grown to over 1,000 subscribers.
As an online store (for now), these numbers are crucial to our survival. So if you are reading this and haven’t already done so…
Please give our Facebook Page a LIKE:
Please follow our Instagram:
Please join the mailing list:
The Label side of things has taken off and blown away all expectations I had for it.
As it stands right now we have the following confirmed acts:
  • Dan Brittain (who’s single is shipping to everyone who ordered as of this week!)
  • Subtract-S (single launch in Adelaide on March 22)
  • Midnight Alibi (coming soon!)
  • Death Of Art (coming soon!)
  • Palace Of The King (coming soon!)
There’s a few more, but they’ll be mentioned in the fullness of time. You can sink your teeth in the aforementioned for now.
We learnt a lot with our first single Dan Brittain’s Celestial Seasons and we learnt that the process to get from A to B is lengthy and a lot of work. But, we feel we now have it down to a fine art. Delays will not be as lengthy as they were for this release. You’re gonna have to trust me on that! But… dear God they look and sound fucking amazing! It does not look or sound like an independent release! Once these start to proliferate the market, people will see the quality of work that the label division of Rue Morgue Records is achieving.
I won’t bore you with anything more. There’s enough above to sink one’s teeth into! Again, thank you for passing the 1,000 mark on our Facebook page. And if you haven’t already done so, please visit our site and see if anything tickles your fancy. Every product sold helps us grow! We truly appreciate your business and helping us to achieve our goals!
We cannot do it without you!
John Raptis
Rue Morgue Records
THANK YOU: Dan Brittain, Paul Vainickis, Grant Burns, James Oswald, Erin Blackie, Tim Henwood, Subtract-S, Midnight Alibi, Death Of Art, Palace Of The King, Scott McMahon, David Griffiths, Will Hollonds, Simon Lukic, Nathan Sawford, Chris Smith and anyone who I have surely forgotten.
Oh… and each and every single customer of Rue Morgue Records. Where the fuck would I be without YOU!
Now go buy something!

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